Retirement Homes & Country Club DJ Services

I pride myself in catering Music for Private Parties to the intricacies of the Theme and likes and wants of the age group of attendees...although somewhat of a "young" Ol' Fart myself last Year I did everything from numerous Sweet Sixteen Parties to a 90th, 80th, 70th and a few 60th and 50th Birthday Parties. Music is tailored specifically for YOUR group and/or if you have a specific theme for a party. (One group had a Dance/Ball with "Grease" as the Theme)

Whether your party is in a Hall, Community Center, Church, or private residence the Musical Sound will be accommodated to the venue. My experience and understanding of people allows me to quickly understand the needs, likes and wants of a group of people and fulfilling those desires with the appropriate MUSIC is of utmost importance to me!

Especially popular for Private Parties for Residential Communities and the like are THEME Parties. Whether they're geared for a specific Holiday or Event or for different age groups...themes like At The Hop, 50's & 60's, Motown, Disco, 80's Rock, Tropical Beach Party, and even specific Artist Themes such as Elvis, The Beatles, Billy Joel, The Rat Pack, etc. YOU choose the Theme I'LL create the Musical Atmosphere and make YOUR Party a fun, exciting event!

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