Who I Am

I am an accomplished DJ and KJ who does weekly gigs at local venues as well as Weddings, Private Parties and Special Events ALL over the Tampa Bay area.

Allow me to introduce myself to anyone who might be looking for a DJ/KJ/MC/Host et al:

I'm Peter Strauss, known for years as "Pete the Hat" and more recently also as "DJ Hat" (my daughter gave me that moniker), the reason being I am a Hat collector and wear Hats of different styles and types about 98% of my "waking" hours...smile.

I have been involved with Karaoke for almost 35 years and have hosted Karaoke at clubs, bars, and restaurants on the East and West Coasts of Florida for years. I have hosted and MC'd the Florida State Karaoke Competition twice. I have competed and even won a couple of (other) competitions along the way.

For Weddings and Private Parties, I have the unique ability to recognize the Musical wants and needs of my guests. Sadly, a talent not ALL DJ's possess! But, what I believe to be my strongest attribute in DJing, Hosting, and MCing is my sense of humor and the atmosphere I create at my shows and venues, and the ability to make people of all ages feel comfortable and have a good time. This is also extremely valuable in DJing & MCing Weddings where it is of utmost importance to make ALL attendees feel comfortable and have a good time! THIS, I pride myself in...

My objective is that regardless of the type of activity or venue you hire me for, YOU and your guests and friends or customers will have a memory to cherish and remember with a smile on your and their face and a warm feeling in your heart!”

Music Availabilty

For Karaoke, I have over 265,000 licensed and legal songs and versions of songs available...with a constant update of newer music.
DJing... I subscribe to a Music and DJ service that gives me access to MILLIONS of (licensed) songs, artists, playlists, genres and versions of songs. If it was released. Tuesday I have it by Friday.

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